Why Muscles Matter

Healthy Muscles Are For More Than Just Looks

Maintaining and improving muscle mass and function throughout life is important for everyone, not just athletes and bodybuilders.

Muscles directly affect your overall health and quality of life now and in the future. For starters, muscles help you produce more energy, maintain a healthy weight, prevent metabolic conditions and can even boost your survival rate against cancer, heart attacks and harsh medical treatments.

Myths about Muscle:

Myth: If I lift weights I’ll get bulky.
Fact: It takes hard work and dedication to bulk and get to the size of a bodybuilders. Everyone should incorporate weights and resistance training into their exercise a couple times a week

Myth: I don’t really need muscle, I’m not an athlete or a bodybuilder, I have a desk job.
Fact: That is precisely why you should focus on your muscle. Having more muscle with help you burn more calories even when you’re sitting and help prevent metabolic issues prevalent with a sedentary lifestyle.

The Role of Muscles in the Body

Optimal Body Function & Regeneration

  • Skeletal muscle plays a role in maintaining the amino acid pools constant, especially in between meals. This amino acid pool feeds our vital tissues and organs as they regenerate.
  • They prevent metabolic conditions like diabetes and hypoglycemia by regulating our blood sugar levels after and in between meals
  • They lay a major role in protein metabolism which is critical to every part and system in your body 1

Energy Balance & Weight Management

  • Muscle needs more energy to function. This forces your body to produce more energy which increases your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and the amount of calories you’re burning even at rest. The increased BMR helps prevent weight gain and obesity.
  • Our muscles house the energy centers of the body known as the mitocondria. The more muscle you have, the more mitocondria you need and the more raw energy you’re able to produce for your body to use in the form of ATP.
  • Energy balance is central to maintaining a healthy weightif we can increase the rate of ATP turnover we increase the calories we burn and we are able to lose weight while maintaining our strength and muscle mass.

Healthy Aging, Increased Longevity & Better Survival Rates

  • Can help increase your survival rate in the case serious illness, heart attacks and the need for intense medical treatments3
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis or loss of bone with aging 3

The more muscle you have today the better off you will be tomorrow.

We naturally start losing muscle mass in our early 30s and by our 50s most people are losing a significant amount.Muscle loss can be accelerated under severe stress and or in the case of injury, illness and surgery.  In your 70s is typically when you start to see the effects of the muscle loss in your daily life.

It’s much easier to retain muscle mass than it is to regain it once it has been lost.

Once you have suffered severe muscle loss you could lose significant function which limits you to the amount of exercise you’re able to do, and at this point your body may longer be as receptive to diet and exercise for a period of time 5

Learn about how muscles are formed,  the solution to restoring and building quality muscle and the BCAA myth.

Learn How Muscles Are Formed
Learn How Muscles Are Formed
Learn How Muscles Are Formed
Learn about amino acids and protein synthesis and how they relate to your muscles health.
The EAA Solution
The EAA Solution
The EAA Solution
EAAs in the right ratio are the key to maintaining the function and quality of your muscle.
The BCAA Myth
The BCAA Myth
The BCAA Myth
The misconceptions and science around whether BCAAs work


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