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How To Use EAAs To Achieve Your Goals

Discover how to easily incorporate EAAs into your routine and achieve your health and wellness goals.

In order to get the benefits out of the EAAs we need to support our bodies with great nutrition and daily exercise as well. These lifestyle programs are meant to be a three pronged approach.

Who benefits from using EAAS?

  • Busy entrepreneurs, corporate warriors and moms that are constantly running around and tend to skip meals
  • Athletes, bodybuilders, cross-fitters, rock climbers, tri-athletes, bikers etc that want to recover faster and have specific goals around strength and muscle mass
  • Studio junkies and gym goers that want to be toned and lean
  • Plant based eaters, vegans and vegetarians that value their health just as much as their philosophical views
  • Anyone that wants to age well and stay active throughout their lives!

What Are Your Current Lifestyle Goals?

Depending on your specific goals you can use EAAs to lose weight and tone up, gain mass or just use them as a way to prevent muscle loss, stabilize your mood and get natural energy.

General Health, Retain Muscle

  • Shoot for 25% of your diet to come from quality clean protein sources
  • Take EAA twice a day in between meals
  • If you do not meet the minimum daily requirement for quality protein also supplement at every meal
  • 30min-1hr of aerobic activity/movement a day
  • 2-3x resistance training every week

Lose Weight

Goal: To lose fat not muscle

  • Reduced calorie diet based on your BMR, 25% coming from quality protein sources
  • 2 doses of EAA daily
  • Resistance training 2-3X a week
  • Aerobic 30min-1hr a day

Get Toned, Lean and Ready For Endurance Sports

Goal is to gain strength and get toned physic but don’t want to build mass

  • 25% of daily calories come from high quality proteins, reduce carb intake focus more on fats and proteins in general
  • Take before and after resistance workouts and only after aerobic workouts
  • Do high reps and less weight during resistance training

Gain Strength & Mass and Get Ready For Power Sports

  • To gain mass you have to eat a lot
  • Before and after workout and before bed
  • 30% of daily caloric intake protein

The Importance of a Clean Diet

Your Diet is 80% of the Results

To get the full benefit from taking an EAA supplement, it’s important that eat a balanced whole food diet with enough quality protein.

  • Figure out your basal metabolic rate and how much food you need to achieve your goals
  • Get about 25% of your calories from quality protein
  • Minimize processed foods and refined sugar.

The Importance Exercise & Resistance Training

Use it or lose it.

Incorporating movement through your day is a vital part of overall health. Sitting all day is unnatural for the human body and can quickly undo all the benefits you get from one gym session. Try to build your schedule around the following guidelines:

  • Aerobic training 30-60min a day
  • Resistance training 2-3x a week
  • If you’re at a desk get up every 90mins and walk around

Benefits of exercise:

  • Resistance training “primes” the muscle to produce protein at an accelerated rate. Taking an EAA supplement ensures that protein synthesis wont be limited by the availability of EAAs
  • Training increases the ability to use fat as an energy source

For more benefits of muscle click here

How Long Does it Take to See or Feel Results?

Taking a quality EAA supplement will not make you tingle or give you a giant rush of energy and leaving you crashing hours later. The effects are subtle from the outside but the results will be long lasting.

Here’s what you can expect in combination with a clean diet and exercise over a period of 6-8 weeks:

  • You could experience mental clarity and a shift in mood within 15-20 minutes of taking your EAAs as your brain gets the optimal ratio of neurotransmitters.
  • Over 6-8 weeks  although you may not see huge shift on the scale your body will begin to tone up as muscle replaces fat.
  • You will notice change in energy throughout the day
  • Strength should increase if you are following a resistance program.

Find out how muscles are formed,  the solution to maintaining and gaining quality muscle and how you can achieve your health and wellness goals.

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